Activities and Services

The activities and services offered by the ItaliaMeteo Agency are aimed at public entities, the private sector, and citizens, and lie on the founding pillars of modern meteorology, climatology and the sea state: monitoring, forecasting, communication, training of technical personnel, and dissemination.

The Agency operates together with the Weather Agencies identified in its Regulations with which constitutes the “National Meteorological System.

By carefully coordinating and exploiting the good practices already in place at the Weather Agencies, the ItaliaMeteo Agency seeks to provide adequate support to the national warning system, to promote the optimisation of the precision agriculture plan and the adoption of climate change mitigation and adaptation measures.

is committed to the definition of uniform standards for the management of observational networks, the transmission and exchange of data, the use of computational infrastructures and the management of a single national reference registry.

ItaliaMeteo’s main tasks include the design, development, realization and distribution of products and services for meteorological and weather-marine forecasting and monitoring, the design, processing and distribution of climate products and services, and the realization and management of networks and platforms for the observation and collection of data of national interest.

ItaliaMeteo is also engaged in the definition of policies for data sharing, interoperability and interchange and in the promotion of communication, dissemination and training policies that focus on the harmonization of language and content for effective information to the population.

The agency works together with all facilities throughout the country and actively promotes national research, with the aim of contributing significantly to the improvement of manufactured products and the design of innovative ones.

It can rely on the impressive supercomputing resources and big data management capacity of the Bologna Technopole Area, establishing collaborations with the Data Center of the European Centre for Medium-term Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) and taking advantage of Copernicus services, which the European Commission has also entrusted to ECMWF. A decisive role will be played by the Agency in the space economy programming.