Public Works

This section provides information on the Public Investment Assessment and Verification Boards (Article 1, Law No. 144/1999), including the specific functions and tasks, the procedures and criteria for identifying members and their names. Also, there are public works planning acts, time schedules, costs per unit and indicators of ongoing or complete public works (Article 38, paragraphs 2 and 2-bis, Legislative Decree No 33/2013; Articles 21, paragraph 7, and 29 Legislative Decree No 50/2016).

Normative Reference: Art. 38, c. 1, legislative decree no. 33/2013


Normative Reference: Art. 38, c. 2 and 2 bis d.lgs. n. 33/2013; Art. 21 co.7 d.lgs. n. 50/2016; Art. 29 d.lgs. n. 50/2016

Bandi di gara e contratti

Normative Reference: Art. 38, c. 2, legislative decree no. 33/2013

No forecast is present as there are no afferent procedures requiring publication thereof