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This section contains information on civic access and acts concerning the corruption prevention, with specific reference to:
• Three-year plan for the prevention of corruption and transparency;
• Person in charge of the prevention of corruption and transparency;
• Regulations for the prevention and prosecution of corruption and illegality;
• Report of the Head of Corruption;
• Measures adopted by the A.N.AC. and acts of compliance with those provisions;
• Acts of violation ascertainment.
(Updated 06/30/2023)

Requests for “Civic Access,” as introduced by Article 5 of Legislative Decree 33/2013, must be submitted to the Head of Corruption Prevention and Transparency. Access Register: as required by the ANAC FOIA Guidelines Resolution 1309/2016 lists of access requests ( acts, civic, general access) are published with an indication of the subject and date of the request, and its outcome with the date of the decision.

As of 06/30/2023, no access request has been received.

Registro accesso atti 2023

Registro accesso atti 2022

The agency has not adopted any additional regulations

Normative Reference: Art. 1, c. 3, l. n. 190/2012

Provision does not exist because there are no afferent procedures requiring publication

Regulatory Ref: Art. 18, c. 5, Legislative Decree No. 39/2013

Provision does not exist because there are no related procedures requiring publication