The new Agency for Meteorology and Climatology “ItaliaMeteo”

The National Meteorological Service, working together with Italian meteorological entities and in collaboration with the world of research, schools, and associations, aims to address the needs of both public and private sectors in meteorology-climatology and weather-marine forecasting and monitoring.


Reliable short, medium, and long-term weather forecasts are the result of a combination of several factors: deterministic and probabilistic models, observed data, computational resources, and experts able to make subjective assessments.

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Projections of future climate and collection of data for analysis of averages and trends over long periods are the fundamental basis for building mitigation strategies and developing climate change adaptation plans.

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Marine forecasting and monitoring of the state of the sea play a key role in preventing damage caused by intense phenomena and are indispensable in contributing to the sustainable development of renewable energy and all sea-related production activities.

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