Italy Radar map

Radar-DPC is the Civil Protection Department’s platform for showing, on a national scale, both current phenomena and those recorded in the last 24 hours through the processing, in real time, of raw data from the national radar network and the network of rainfall stations.

Together with the Department of Civil Protection, the regions through the Network of Functional Centers, Enav-National Agency for Flight Assistance, and the Air Force participate in the production of these data.

A base product can be set on the map by choosing from:
VMI (Vertical Maximum Intensity) and SRI (Surface Rainfall Intensity) to know the areas where phenomena of a certain magnitude are taking place. The data is updated every 5 minutes.
SRT (Surface Rainfall Total), which represents the cumulative rainfall recorded in the last 1,3,6,12, 24 hours by integrating data from the radar network with data from ground-based rainfall stations. It is updated every 60 minutes.

The user can also overlay the “Radar” feature on the product set, which allows the user to check where the devices are located and whether they are all active.

Features in this platform include:

– search for a specific address in the country;
– download data related to the chosen commodity;
– observe the animation of the images acquired in the 24 hours.

You can also turn on or off notifications of updates on the map.

For more information on the products and to know other features, please refer to the Department of Civil Protection Radar platform.